Knights of Saint Thomas - modern order of knighthood 

Welcome to the realm where you can embark on a transformative journey as a knight or dame of the Order of Saint Thomas. Our order of chivalry is a living testament to tradition and a fervent dedication to positive transformation. Join hands with us in shaping a world where compassion, honour, and the spirit of chivalry and knighthood reign supreme. 

In a world where morality is frequently tested, our chivalric order stands tall as a bastion of virtue, setting high standards for righteousness. We continue the tradition of one of the oldest English and Christian institutions, dedicated to positive societal impact. We are a distinguished group in the United Kingdom, preserve British heritage, uphold Christian ideals, and perpetuate noble traditions.

Personal loyalty is scarce in these times, and individuals aspire to commit wholeheartedly to a cause. Aspiring knights seek a profound connection and invest their heart, mind, and soul, expecting reciprocal loyalty. A knight takes personal responsibility to make the world a better place, raising the sense of duty to a higher level - Knighthood.


Knights extend assistance beyond financial aid, offering their most precious gift – time. Whether teaching the illiterate or aiding the elderly, a knight never ignores someone in genuine need. Dedication is indispensable to drive meaningful change. At the heart of our knightly ideals lies the profound concept of mercy, fostering a culture where everyone deserves empathy and a chance for redemption.

Our order places a resolute emphasis on justice, committing to the pursuit of fairness and equality. Upholding chivalric justice involves challenging discriminatory practices and advocating for policies ensuring equal opportunities for all.

In the 21st century, the need for knights persists. Poverty, elderly care, sickness, helplessness, and persecution persist. Aid to the less fortunate is not just a duty; it's the core of knighthood. Knights uphold a code of honour, obligating them to help the poor, sick, persecuted, elders, needy, helpless, hungry, cold, and unprotected.

Armed Forces Covenent Bronze award

Affiliated with the Royal Society of Saint George, a proud member of the Armed Forces Covenant and holding notable awards, including the Order of Merit by the Standing Council of Feudal Lords and Barons for England and Wales, our knightly order serves as a bridge between tradition and contemporary relevance. Recognized as a consultative member of the United Nations - Department of Economic and Social Affairs, we actively participate in international gatherings, advocating for humanitarian aid, protection, peacebuilding, and sustainable development.

Amidst the bustling tapestry of contemporary society, a knight emerges, not in quest of dragons or mythical foes, but dedicated to the noble causes of charity and community. Clad not in armor, but in the humble vestments of compassion, this knight strides purposefully, their shield engraved not with heraldic symbols, but adorned with the emblems of benevolence.

A tireless advocate for the marginalized and a guardian of communal well-being, a knight channels the chivalrous spirit of old into a commitment to uplift and empower. Instead of a sword, they brandish tools of service, working diligently to carve a path towards a better world.

order of chivalry

In the armor of empathy, this knight engages in the timeless joust against inequality, riding forth to dismantle barriers that hinder the progress of the less fortunate. Their battlefield extends beyond physical boundaries, reaching into the hearts and minds of the community, sowing seeds of kindness and understanding.

This knight is a beacon, inspiring others to join in the pursuit of a more equitable and harmonious world. His legacy is etched not in stone but in the hearts of those touched by their altruism, a testament to the enduring power of compassion in the ever-evolving saga of human existence. 

Equipped with a heart that beats for others, the modern knight's quest is one of selflessness. This knight's code of conduct is inscribed in deeds rather than words, as they labor to build bridges between diverse factions and foster a sense of shared destiny.  

Join our knights on a quest for justice, mercy, and humility. Be part of a community dedicated to positive change and the timeless principles of knighthood. Together, let's create a world where virtue prevails.


Intricately woven into the tapestry of medieval history, chivalry emerged as a noble code of conduct for a knight, shaping his role as warrior, protector, and servant. Fast forward to the present era dominated by democratic materialism and secular humanism; our mission is to revive this ancient order of knighthood. Our order seeks to demonstrate that spiritual idealism can seamlessly coexist with tradition, patriotism, and civic duty, offering a timeless and effective framework for devoted leaders.

At the heart of our commitment is a fusion of spirituality, noble tradition, and civic responsibility, serving as a testament to the enduring relevance of knighthood. We stand as beacons, illuminating a path where these elements converge to enrich individual lives and contribute meaningfully to communities and the United Kingdom. 

Nowaday, knighthood transcends mere physical prowess; it embodies moral fortitude and unwavering character. A knight leads by example, earning respect and admiration through the power of their actions, not intimidation. Central to their character is an unyielding commitment to honor and integrity, choosing what is right over what is easy or popular.

In the contemporary world, where the echoes of medieval chivalry might seem like distant whispers from the past, actual orders of chivalry have emerged as unique institutions dedicated to upholding values of honour, courage, and service. These orders draw inspiration from the noble traditions of knighthood while adapting to the complexities of the 21st century.

order of knighthood

True knights serve as inspirational role models, understanding the profound impact of their actions on others. They actively support and uplift those around them, fostering an environment where individuals can achieve their goals and dreams.

Furthermore, a knight embraces the role of a protector, utilizing strength and influence to uplift rather than dominate. Their compassion and empathy guide them to extend a helping hand to those in need, recognizing that true strength lies in service to others, not in seeking power.

A knight lives with purpose and meaning, guided by values that prioritize honesty, integrity, and compassion. They recognize that significant battles are fought in hearts and minds, inspiring positive change and contributing to a more just, compassionate, and hopeful world. 

Delving into the roots of knighthood, we align ourselves with those who recognize its enduring value and positive impact. Originating from the medieval knight's code of honour, knighthood has evolved into a force that protects the vulnerable and upholds noble principles, safeguarding societal well-being and championing justice.

order of knights

Existing orders of knighthood often place a strong emphasis on service to society. Members are actively involved in philanthropic activities, supporting charitable causes and contributing to the betterment of their communities. This reflects a contemporary interpretation of the knight's duty to protect the weak and serve the common good.

In the complex landscape of today's society, the core values of knighthood are more relevant than ever. The ideals of mercy, justice, and humility inherent in knighthood provide indispensable tools for addressing persistent inequalities and prejudices. Knighthood offers a pathway toward a more just and compassionate world, where both men and women embrace their duty to protect and uplift the vulnerable, combating tyranny and fostering a society where the principles of dignity and respect reign supreme. Join us on this noble journey as we champion the spirit of knighthood and breathe new life into the timeless code of chivalry.